How to Help

How to Help

Here is how YOU can help:

1.  First, please vote during our municipal election on October 21.

2.  Talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends.  Get involved.  VOTE.

3.  Call me, email me, find me on Facebook, find me on twitter (see Contact Me).  

4.  Every helping hand, and every campaign contribution is appreciated.  Every step, and every dollar -- just like every vote -- COUNTS. 

5.  Interested in volunteering?  Contact me.

6.  Can you provide some financial support?  The average campaign costs $40,000; let's see if we can do this more prudently, shall we?  Nonetheless, every bit counts.  $25, $50, $100.... it all adds up.  Please use this link to contribute via Pay Pal:

7.  Not comfortable with on-line contributions?  Call me at 780-909-2855, or

All campaign contributions over $100 must receive a receipt.  You also must be normally resident in Alberta to support.  53,000 eligible voters = say, 25,000 houses; you can do the math on the printing expenses alone! 

And just so you KNOW..... at the end of the day, any contributions made in excess of campaign expenses are donated to the City of Edmonton.  (I PROMISE you; there will be no imprudent spending of any of THIS campaign's precious dollars!  I can also promise you -- this girl runs super-honest.)  Thanks.