A bit About Me

I am 47 years old, and have been living in Edmonton since 1982. 

I have worked in various industries, ranging from the (former) Alberta Forest Service, to insurance, to construction-engineering, to (most recently) the banking sector.  I have worked hard every day of my life – over 30 years, now.  Please see the tab "My Life Experience" for my career full history.

I am honest, I am bright, I am passionate, and I care.  Honesty, ethics, and my firm belief in democracy are fundamental to who I am. 

I am not an MBA, I am not a lawyer, I am not a politician or affiliated with any political party; I am a hard-working taxpayer.  I will represent you to my fullest. I will always ask for your opinion, I will welcome your call and ideas, and I will answer your inquiries. 

My hobbies are gardening, camping and hiking, and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Association of Alberta.  I ski, skate, volunteer (including previous and present Board experience), sing and play piano, enjoy a good badminton match.  I am an avid CBC fan.  I am a news junkie, a deep thinker, and find global economics rather fascinating.  I have one cat named Sweetpea. 

Please cast your vote on October 21.