My Platform

My platform.

It is time for change.  Your vote is needed to make that change.  When our own elected officials no longer respect and represent the majority voice of their taxpayers, something has gone terribly wrong. 

My position is simple.

Number one, I am personally committed to re-engaging voters in the decision-making process.  Elected representatives are supposed to represent their taxpayers’ voices and interests; that is their job.  Each taxpayer – hardworking folks, students, retirees, business owners – each of us are important, each voice must be heard.  Your voice must be heard.  I believe that certain civic decisions should never be made without the proper consultation, consent, and – most importantly – the majority support of taxpayers.  We all need to be pulling together.

Number two, I believe it is time to get back to the basics.  I believe our municipal government’s primary role is to manage and ensure basic infrastructure and municipal services; we must also be socially conscious, considerate, and thoughtful about quality of life not just for ourselves, but for our neighbours and our greater community.  We need a solid foundation upon which our neighbourhoods, communities, and businesses can thrive and grow.  While these priorities may not sound “iconic,” a solid foundation is a must.  Our priorities must also be grounded in reality.  We need to be careful managers to ensure vibrant sustainability.  

Number three, we must have prudent financial management.  By the end of this year, the City of Edmonton will have $2.9 billion in debt; by 2017 our debt is forecasted to be $3.5 billion.  We must return to the responsible management and respectful spending of taxpayers’ very hard-earned dollars.

Number four, we must build on the vibrant business community we already have Edmonton seems to have many “best kept secrets” – the start-ups and homegrown businesses that have gained national and international stature; the numerous independent business owners of whom we should be proud and better supporting; the world-leading technologies of which we are the pioneers.   I do not believe in supporting one business or industry to the exclusion of others; all of our tremendous business community needs our nurturing and support.  Each business, just like each person's vote, is equally important to what makes Edmonton the City that it is; we must have balance.

The choice is ours.